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Boiler Servicing

Why have your Boiler servicing  carried out by  City Technical Services?

Boiler ReplacementWhen it comes to Boiler Repairs & Maintenance and Boiler Servicing & Replacement, City Technical Services have their fingers right on the pulse. Alternatively, you may have decided that it’s time to get a new energy efficient boiler because your old boiler isn’t quite up to par, or perhaps your old boiler has broken down and possibly for the last time! You need help, and fast. Regardless of circumstance, because of our partnerships with the biggest parts suppliers, we can quite often install a new boiler on the same day your breaks down – Where possible, we will carry out Same Day Repairs. If you qualify, we can advise on how to go about having your Boiler Replacement carried out free of charge and if you don’t qualify, we have some great finance packages to help you get the heat back in your home.

Boiler MaintenanceEven if you currently have an A-rated boiler, without regular boiler maintenance from qualified and Gas Safe registered engineers like those from City Technical, it can not only lose its effectiveness, but it could potentially become dangerous. By ensuring that you boiler is regularly serviced, you can make sure that you are receiving the maximum performance from it. Boiler servicing is so important,
as are regular Boiler maintenance checks, which are also important. These checks will ensure the safety of your gas appliances. In the worst cases, faulty and poorly maintained appliances can leak Carbon Monoxide which is extremely harmful and can be fatal. A few regular checks are all it takes for peace of mind for you and your family. City Technical offer Boiler Service and Maintenance, from a one-off boiler service, to a regular maintenance contract, we can provide the cover you need to ensure your boiler is performing at its best and safely.

GAS Safe RegisteredOur Gas Safe registered engineers will carry out a full inspection of your boiler and controls to make sure they are working properly. The gas pressure, flue emissions and internal mechanisms will all be tested to ensure the safety and function of your boiler
As a Green company, you would expect us to be as proactive about ourselves and our carbon footprint as much as our customers and with City Technical, you wouldn’t be disappointed as we are fully committed to being as eco-friendly as possible. We Measure our water and electricity usage, weighing our recyclables and monitor our consumables in our continuous effort to make sure that our head office in Glasgow, Scotland has as small an impact on the environment as possible.

Green Deal ApprovedCity Technical only ever supply and fit the most energy efficient products possible. We voluntarily achieved ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditation for our efficiency and environmental care which should demonstrate our commitment to you, to make your homes more energy efficient, reducing you fuel costs and lowering your carbon footprint. We can even help you source finance for home improvements which help improve the energy efficiency of your home, we do this through the governments Green Deal Scheme.

Eco Plus Green EnergyEven our fleet of vans at City Technical are encompassed in our green initiatives. We installed the latest ecoPLUS navigation and tracking systems from TomTom throughout our fleet and can monitor in real time, the driving efficiency of our drivers and engineers as well as fuel usage in every vehicle. It is our Managing Director that is the driving force behind the Green initiatives at City Technical. He says, “As a rapidly growing UK business, we were keen to employ technology which would monitor our vehicles, not only to allow for cost savings, but also to manage our carbon footprint and consider our commitment to Health and Safety.”

For all of your Boiler Servicing & Maintenance and your Boiler Repairs and Boiler Replacement, Contact City Technical Services on 0844 391 5556 or fill in our online form Today
Big enough to Deliver, Small enough to care.

Insulate your Home

The Green Deal

The Green Deal hepls with your energy use, carbon footprint and ultimately your energy costs. It can be used to make any home improvements that will improve the energy efficiency of your home, although you may have to find an approved Green Deal Provider to help you access any green deal finance or government grants.
City Technical Services is not only an approved Green Deal Provider, City Technical is also an approved Green Deal Installer. The home improvements that save the most energy and money varies from house to house, it really just depends on your home.

Green DealThe Typical Green Deal Home Improvements include

  • Insulation: External Wall Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation. If you qualify for it – It could be free
  • Heating:A Boiler Replacement providing you with an A+ Rated Energy Efficient Boiler will bring the bills down and if you can get this through Green Deal Scotland, all the better.
  • Draught Proofing: Easily done andd there are various giude readily available to assist with this.
  • Double Glazing: Always will improve the thermal flow in your home
  • Renewable Energy Generation: Solar Panels not only help you generate your own electricity, but you could earn money back by selling your excess to your electricity provider.

These are only some examples of the types of home improvements available through Green Deal. With City Technical being a Green Company, we pride ourselves in making everyone aware of the pro’s and cons of Green Deal. The ‘golden rule’ of the cost of the Green Deal measure must be less or equal to the savings on your energy bills. This means that these improvements won’t cost you extra money and will help reduce your energy bills and help the environment by minimising your carbon footprint.

Insulate your HomeWhen you compare Green Deal Installers, it is well worth remembering that the commitment of this company is one that can last for 25 years. City Technical Services have so much experience and longevity within this industry to ensure that all of our work that is carried out is of the highest quality, as well as a great track record of happy customers and a reputation for excellent customer service. We’re large enough to deliver, but still small enough to care.

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Why Insulate Your Home

This is why you should Insulate your Home

Insulate your HomeThere are many reasons why you should insulate your home and below, City Technical will give you some of the best reason for Loft Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation and External Wall Insulation. Basically, reasons to insulate your home.

According to the Energy Savings Trust (EST), homes lose around 33% (1/3) of heat is lost through walls, and up to 25% of your heat escapes through an uninsulated loft. That means that you could be losing more than half of your heating, just think what half the bill would be, you could be saving that,  only if you Insulate your home.

Draught Proofing

Draught proofing provides effective, yet inexpensive form of insulation, especially around window frames and doors. The average household can save approx. £55 a year on heating costs with basic draught proofing and although that doesn’t sound like a lot over the course of the year but it is better in your pocket than not. A simple saving if you insulate your home effectively or have a green company Like City Technical Insulate your home.

Draught Proofing

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation could be one of the best examples of how you could be making huge savings by deciding to insulate your home. An average home that has the cavity walls insulated will save approx. £140 per year on heating costs. Something which sizable enough to get your attention. So get it done – Insulate your home.

Cavity Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation can save the average home around £475 each year, which is a lot by anyone’s standards. You should be saving this too, so go on, insulate your home.

External Wall Insulation

Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation is another are where huge savings can be made. With up to a quarter of your heat can escape through an uninsulated loft, just divide your heating bill by four and that is the amount of money you could be saving each year. An average household will make savings in the region of £180 each year.

Loft Insulation


By our reckoning, you could be saving over £700 per year if you took care of your insulation, this would also help reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

By choosing to take advantage of the governments Green Deal, you could have your insulation installed in your home with no upfront cost. You simply spread the payments through your energy bills and if you happen to be in a position where you are letting your property, then you can claim a £1,500 Tax Allowance to claim the cost of insulating your properties.

What Now

So now you know the basics of how much wastage there is and how much you could be saving on your heating bills, what are you going to do?

Call City Technical Services to insulate your home, with over a decade’s experience in the renewables and the energy efficiency industry, City Technical is now proud to be seen as a green company with a focus on reducing carbon, saving energy, and reducing customers’ fuel bills, without compromising on quality. With our innovation and services like Cavity Wall insulation, Loft insulation and Boiler Replacement through the governments Green deal scheme and green deal grants and loans, we definitely are helping customers reduce their carbon footprint, helping the environment, save energy and overall lowering customers energy bills and saving them money. Let City Technical help you save some hard earned cash, Let us insulate your home.

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